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Your favorite pet resort provides true peace of mind with their quality pet care service

Annette and Glenn Walker saw a need, in the Townsville region, for a facility that can provide a caring and loving environment for pets while you are away with the family on holidays, on a business trip, a military deployment or just simply in between addresses.

From a pet supply and pet grooming environment that commenced in 1986, which was centered within a Townsville shopping plaza, Tropical Pet Resort was created during 2009 with the full understanding that your pet, as a member of your family, needs the same care, attention and understanding that's enjoyed at home.

Conveniently located on the Bruce Highway heading north and one kilometer past the Black River on the left, all facilities at Tropical Pet Resort have been designed to provide a lifestyle environment for your pets whilst they're enjoying their own holiday.

Annette and Glenn insist on all pets receiving a quality diet, having plenty of attention and that all dogs are exercised.

It's no wonder that Tropical Pet Resort’s clients insist on coming back again and again!

Make your bookings now

Our fully qualified and very experienced staff are here to help!!
7 Grasstree Close, Black River 4818

Ph: 0402 406 892
Email: dog.tsv@bigpond.com

Open: from
9.00am - 11.00am | 3.00pm to - 4.30pm Mon – Friday
Saturday: 9.00am - 11.00am
Sunday/Public Holidays: By appointment only

What to bring:

Current vaccination certificates (mandatory)
Favourite toys
Special rugs etc
Any medications


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